SEO Course

 What is SEO

 Introduction to SERP

 What are search engines

 How search engines work?

 Major functions of a search engine

 What s traffic?

 Different types of traffic

 What are keywords?

 Different types of keywords

 Google keyword planner tool

 Keyword research process

 Understanding keywords mix

 Google Operator : So that you can find anything on the web

 On Page Optimization

◦ Keyword optimization

◦ Content optimization & planning

◦ Understanding your audience for content planning

◦ Adding social media plug-in on web pages

◦ Internal linking

◦ Meta tags creation

◦ Creating webpage in HTML

◦ Using Google webmaster tool & website verification

◦ Sitemap creation and submission in website and websites & webmasters

◦ What is FTP?

◦ How to use FTP?

 Off Page Optimization

◦ What is domain authority?

◦ How to increase Domain Authority?

◦ What is page rank?

◦ How to increase page rank?

◦ What are back links?

◦ What is link building?

◦ Types of link building

◦ Do’s and Dont’s of link building

◦ Link building Strategies for your business: Easy link acquisition techniques

◦ Link opportunity prospecting & creating link baits

◦ Types ofCOntent on Digital World – Infographic, Podcast, Video

◦ Importance of content marketing

◦ Content Scalling and social media in link building

 Local SEO

◦ Local SEO

◦ Google places optimization

◦ Classified Submission

◦ Using H card

◦ Citation

◦ NAP (Name Address Place)

 What is primary keyword, secondary and tertiary keywords?

 What is difference between keyword stuffing and keywords placement?

 How to write an optimized content ?

 How to write a content for article, blog, and press release?

 Top tools forSEO

 Monitoring SEO process

 Preparing SEO reports

 How to create SEO Strategy for your business

 Top plugin of wordpress?

 What is link juice?

 What is domain authority?

 What is page authority? Importance of domain and page authority?

 How to optimized exact keywords for your business?

 How to optimize your site for Google Hummingbird Algorithm?

 What is Google Panda Algorithm?

 What is Google Penguin?

 What is Google EMD Update?

 How to save your site from Google Panda, Penguin and EMD Update?

 How to recover your site from Panda, Penguin and EMD?