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Why take Adword Certification?

The Google Adwords certification is a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of AdWords. An AdWords certification allows individuals to demonstrate that Google recognizes them as an expert in online advertising.

This article explains the benefits of getting certified, how to get certified, and how to share and communicate your certification status with others.


Who should take Adwords Certification?

  • Sales and Marketing Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Digital Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, …) Professionals
  • Students
  • Anyone interested in building career in Digital Marketing



adword downloading pdf file
Detailed cirruculum adword.pdf






✦ Google Adword Overview

◦ Understanding inorganic search result

◦ Overview of Microsoft Adcenter (Bing & Yahoo)

◦ Setting up Google Adwords account

Understanding adwords account structure

▪ Campaigns, Adgroups, Ads, Keywords, etc

▪ Types of Advertising campaigns – Search , Display

▪ Shopping & video

▪ Difference between search & display campaign

✦ Understanding Adwords Algorithm

◦ How adwords rank ads

◦ Understanding algorithm (adrank) in detail with examples

◦ What is quality score?

◦ Why quality score is important?

◦ What is CTR?

◦ Why CTR is important?

◦ Understating bids

✦ Creating Search Campaign

◦ Types of search campaign – Standard, All features, dynamic search & product listing Google merchant center

◦ Creating our 1st search campaign

◦ Doing campaign level settings

◦ Understanding location targeting

◦ What is bidding strategy ­CPC

◦ Understanding different types of bid strategy

▪ Manual

▪ Auto

◦ Advance level bid strategies

▪ Enhanced CPC


◦ Flexible bid strategy

◦ Pros & Cons of different bid strategies

◦ Understating ad­extensions

◦ Types of ad­extensions

◦ Adding ad­extensions in our campaign

◦ Creating adgroup

◦ Finding relevant adgroup options using tool

◦ Creating adgroup using tool

◦ Understanding keywords

▪ Finding relevant keywords

▪ Adding keywords in ad­group

▪ Using keywords planner tool

▪ Understanding types of keywords

▪ Broad, Phrase, exact, synonym & negative keywords

▪ Examples of types of keywords

▪ Pros and cons of different types o keywords

◦ Creating ads

◦ Understanding ad metrics

◦ Display & destination URL

◦ How to write a compelling ad copy?

◦ Best and worst examples of ads

◦ Creating ads


adword downloading pdf file
Detailed cirruculum adword.pdf






✦ Tracking performance / conversion

◦ What is conversion tracking?

◦ Why is it important

◦ How to set up conversion tracking?

◦ Adding tracking code in your website

◦ Checking conversion stats

✦ Optimizing search campaigns

◦ How to optimize campaigns at the time of creation?

◦ Optimizing campaign via adgroups

◦ Importance of CTR in optimization

◦ How to increase CTR?

◦ Importance of quality score in optimization

◦ How to increase quality score?

◦ Importance of negative keywords in optimization

◦ Evaluating campaign stats

◦ Optimizing with conversion report

◦ Optimizing with keywords

◦ Optimizing performing keyword

◦ Optimizing non performing keywords

◦ How to decrease CPC

◦ Analyzing your competitors performance

◦ Detecting fraud clicks

✦ Creating Display Campaign

◦ Types of display campaigns ­ All features, Mobile app, Remarketing, Engagement

◦ Creating List ◦ Difference in search & display campaign settings

◦ Doing campaign level settings

◦ Understanding CPM bid strategy

◦ Doing advanced settings

◦ Ad­scheduling

◦ Ad­delivery

◦ Understanding ads placement

◦ Creating different adgroups

◦ Using display planner tool

◦ Finding relevent website for ads placement

◦ Creating text ads ◦ Creating banner ads using tools

◦ Uploading banner ads

◦ Example of good/bad banner ads display campaign

✦ Optimizing Display campaign

✦ Remarketing

◦ What is remarketing?

◦ Setting up remarketing campaign

◦ Creating Remarketing lists

◦ Advanced level list creation