Digital Marketing

1. Digital Marketing Overview

• What is marketing?

• What is digital marketing ?

• Understanding Marketing Process

• Why Digital Marketing Wins Over traditional marketing?

• Understanding Digital Marketing Process

◦ Increasing Visibility

▪ What is visibility

▪ Types of visibility

▪ Example of visibility

◦ Visitors Engagement?

▪ What is engagement?

▪ Why it is important?

▪ Example of engagement

◦ Bringing Targeted Traffic

▪ Inbound

▪ Outbound

◦ Conversion Leads

▪ Types of Conversion

▪ Understanding Conversion Process

◦ Retention

▪ Why it is important?

▪ Types of Retention

◦ Performance Evaluation

▪ Why it is important?

▪ Tools Needed

2. Website Planning And Creation

• Understanding Internet

• Difference between Internet & web

• Understanding website

• Understanding domain names and extentions

• What is web server & web hosting?

• Different types of web server

• Different types of websites

◦ Based on functionality

◦ Based on purpose

• Planning and Conceptualizing a Website

◦ Identifying objective of the website

◦ Deciding on Number of Pages Required

◦ Planning for Engagement Option

◦ Creating Blueprint of Every webpage

◦ Best and worst Examples

• Building website using CMS in class

◦ Booking a Domain Name and Web hosting

◦ Adding domain Name to web Server

◦ Adding web pages & content

◦ Adding Plugins

3. Search Engine optimization

• What is SEO

• Introduction to SERP

• What are search engines

• How search engines work?

• Major functions of a search engine

• What s traffic?

• Different types of traffic

• What are keywords?

• Different types of keywords

• Google keyword planner tool

• Keyword research process

• Understanding keywords mix

• Google Operator : So that you can find anything on the web

• On Page Optimization

◦ Keyword optimization

◦ Content optimization & planning

◦ Understanding your audience for content planning

◦ Adding social media plug-in on web pages

◦ Internal linking

◦ Meta tags creation

◦ Creating webpage in HTML

◦ Using Google webmaster tool & website verification

◦ Sitemap creation and submission in website and websites & webmasters

◦ What is FTP?

◦ How to use FTP?

• Off Page Optimization

◦ What is domain authority?

◦ How to increase Domain Authority?

◦ What is page rank?

◦ How to increase page rank?

◦ What are back links?

◦ What is link building?

◦ Types of link building

◦ Do’s and Dont’s of link building

◦ Link building Strategies for your business: Easy link acquisition techniques

◦ Link opportunity prospecting & creating link baits

◦ Types ofCOntent on Digital World – Infographic, Podcast, Video

◦ Importance of content marketing

◦ Content Scalling and social media in link building

• Local SEO

◦ Local SEO

◦ Google places optimization

◦ Classified Submission

◦ Using H card

◦ Citation

◦ NAP (Name Address Place)

• What is primary keyword, secondary and tertiary keywords?

• What is difference between keyword stuffing and keywords placement?

• How to write an optimized content ?

• How to write a content for article, blog, and press release?

• Top tools forSEO

• Monitoring SEO process

• Preparing SEO reports

• How to create SEO Strategy for your business

• Top plugin of wordpress?

• What is link juice?

• What is domain authority?

• What is page authority? Importance of domain and page authority?

• How to optimized exact keywords for your business?

• How to optimize your site for Google Hummingbird Algorithm?

• What is Google Panda Algorithm?

• What is Google Penguin?

• What is Google EMD Update?

• How to save your site from Google Panda, Penguin and EMD Update?

• How to recover your site from Panda, Penguin and EMD?

4. PPC Advertizing and Google Adword

• Google Adword Overview

◦ Understanding inorganic search result

◦ Introduction to Google Adwords and PPC advertizing

◦ Overview of Microsoft Adcenter (Bing & Yahoo)

◦ Setting up Google Adwords account

◦ Understanding adwords account structure

▪ Campaigns, Adgroups, Ads, Keywords, etc

▪ Types of Advertising campaigns – Search , Display

▪ Shopping & video

▪ Difference between search & display campaign

• Understanding Adwords Algorithm

◦ How adwords rank ads

◦ Understanding algorithm (adrank) in detail with examples

◦ What is quality score?

◦ Why quality score is important?

◦ What is CTR?

◦ Why CTR is important?

◦ Understating bids

• Creating Search Campaign

◦ Types of search campaign – Standard, All features, dynamic search & product listing

Google merchant center

◦ Creating our 1st search campaign

◦ Doing campaign level settings

◦ Understanding location targeting

◦ What is bidding strategy -CPC

◦ Understanding different types of bid strategy

▪ Manual

▪ Auto

◦ Advance level bid strategies

▪ Enhanced CPC


◦ Flexible bid strategy

◦ Pros & Cons of different bid strategies

◦ Understating ad-extensions

◦ Types of ad-extensions

◦ Adding ad-extensions in our campaign

◦ Creating adgroup

◦ Finding relevant adgroup options using tool

◦ Creating adgroup using tool

◦ Understanding keywords

▪ Finding relevant keywords

▪ Adding keywords in ad-group

▪ Using keywords planner tool

▪ Understanding types of keywords

▪ Broad, Phrase, exact, synonym & negative keywords

▪ Examples of types of keywords

▪ Pros and cons of different types o keywords

◦ Creating ads

◦ Understanding ad metrics

◦ Display & destination URL

◦ How to write a compelling ad copy?

◦ Best and worst examples of ads

◦ Creating ads

• Tracking performance / conversion

◦ What is conversion tracking?

◦ Why is it important

◦ How to set up conversion tracking?

◦ Adding tracking code in your website

◦ Checking conversion stats

• Optimizing search campaigns

◦ How to optimize campaigns at the time of creation?

◦ Optimizing campaign via adgroups

◦ Importance of CTR in optimization

◦ How to increase CTR?

◦ Importance of quality score in optimization

◦ How to increase quality score?

◦ Importance of negative keywords in optimization

◦ Evaluating campaign stats

◦ Optimizing with conversion report

◦ Optimizing with keywords

◦ Optimizing performing keyword

◦ Optimizing non performing keywords

◦ How to decrease CPC

◦ Analyzing your competitors performance

◦ Detecting fraud clicks

• Creating Display Campaign

◦ Types of display campaigns – All features, Mobile app, Remarketing, Engagement

◦ Creating List

◦ Difference in search & display campaign settings

◦ Doing campaign level settings

◦ Understanding CPM bid strategy

◦ Doing advanced settings

◦ Ad-scheduling

◦ Ad-delivery

◦ Understanding ads placement

◦ Creating different adgroups

◦ Using display planner tool

◦ Finding relevent website for ads placement

◦ Creating text ads

◦ Creating banner ads using tools

◦ Uploading banner ads

◦ Example of good/bad banner ads display campaign

• Optimizing Display campaign

• Remarketing

◦ What is remarketing?

◦ Setting up remarketing campaign

◦ Creating Remarketing lists

◦ Advanced level list creation

5. Google Analytics

• Introduction to Google Analytics

• How Google analytics works?

• Understanding Google analytic account structure

• Understanding Google analytic insights

• Understanding cookies tracking

• Types of cookie tracking used by Google analytics

• Starting with google analytics

• How to setup analytics account

• How to add analytics code in website

• Understanding goals and conversions

• How to setup goals?

• Understanding different types of goals

• Understanding bounce & bounce rate

• Difference between exit rate and bounce rate

• How to reduce bounce rate?

• How to set up funnels in goals?

• Importance of funnels

• How to integrate adwords and analytics account?

• Benefits of integrating adwords & Analytics

• Measuring performance of marketing campaigns via Google analytics

• What is link tagging

• How to setup link tagging?

• Understanding filters & segments

• How to setup filters & segments?

• How to view customized reports?

• Monitoring traffic sources

• Monitoring traffic behavior

• Taking corrective actions if required

6. Social Media Marketing

• What is social media?

• Understanding the existing Social Media paradigms

• How social media marketing is different than other forms of internet marketing?

• Marketing on social networking websites

• What is viral marketing and its importace

• Facebook marketing

◦ Understand facebook marketing

◦ Facebook glossary

◦ Facebook fan page vs profile vs group

◦ Practical session 1

▪ Creating facebook page

▪ Uploading contacts for invitation

▪ Adding Facebook plugins in website

▪ Creating external tabs in Facebook page

▪ Exercise on fan page wall posting

◦ Increasing fans on fan page

◦ How to do marketing on fan page (with examples)

◦ Fan engagement

◦ Important apps to do fan page marketing

◦ Facebook advertising

◦ Types of facebook advertising

◦ Best practices for facebook advertising

◦ Facebook marketing tips

◦ Understanding facebook best practices learn the lingo

◦ Understanding edgerank and art of engagement

◦ Cse studies

◦ Most engaging page on facebook

◦ Using 3rd party application on facebook, facebook analytics (free-paid)

◦ practical Session 2

▪ Creating Facebook advertising campaign

▪ Targeting in ad campaign

▪ Payment module – CPC vs CPM vs CPA

▪ Setting up conversion tracking

▪ Using power editor tool for advertisers

▪ Advance face book advertising using tools

• Linkedin Marketing

◦ What is Linkedin?

◦ Understanding Linkedin

◦ Company profiles vs Individual profiles

◦ Marketing on Linkedin groups

◦ Understanding Linkedin groups

◦ How to do marketing on Linkedin groups?

◦ Linkedin advertising & it best practices

◦ Increasing ROI from linkedin ads

• Twitter Marketing

◦ Understanding Twitter

◦ Tools to listen & measure influence on twitter : TweetDeck, Klout, PeerIndex

◦ How to do marketing on twitter

◦ Black hat techniques of twitter marketing

◦ Advertising on Twitter

◦ Case studies on twitter marketing

◦ Tools for twitter marketing

• Video Marketing

◦ Understanding Video Campaign

◦ Creating 1st Video Campaign

◦ Importance of video marketing

◦ Benefits of video marketing

◦ Uploading videos on video marketing websites

◦ Using youtube for business

◦ Developing youtube video marketing strategy

◦ Bringing visitors from youtube videos to your website

◦ Creating Video Adgroups

◦ Targeting Options

◦ Understanding Bid Strategy

7. Email Marketing

• What is email marketing?

• How email works

• Challenges faced in sending bulk emails

• How to overcome these challenges

• Types of email marketing – Opt-in & Bulk emailing

• What is opt-in email marketing?

• Best platforms to do opt-in email marketing

• Setting up lists & web form

• Creating a broadcast email

• What are auto responders?

• Setting up auto responders

• How to do bulk emailing?

• Best practices to send bulk emails

• Tricks to land in inbox instead of spam folder

• Top email marketing software’s & glimpse of how to use them

• Improving ROI with A/B testing

8. Online Display Advertizing

• What is online advertising

• Types of Online Advertising

• Display Advertising

◦ Banner ads

◦ Rich Media ads

◦ Pop ups and Pop under ads

• Contextual Advertising

◦ In text ads

◦ In Image ads

◦ In Video ads

◦ In page ads

• What are payment Modules

• Companies that provide online advertising solution

• Tracking & Measuring ROI of online advertisement

• Assignment on allocating funds to various online advertising platforms

• Creating Banner Ads Using Tools

9. eCommerce Marketing

• What is eCommerce?

• Top eCommerce webiste around the world

• Current eCommerce scenario

• How to do SEO of an eCommerce website

• Why you need a solid eCommerce marketing strategy

• Formulating right eCommerce marketing strategy

• Using affiliate marketing to promote your eCommerce business

10. Lead Generation for business

• Understanding lead generation for business

• Why lead generation is important?

• Understanding landing pages?

• Understanding thank-you page

• Landing page VS website

• Best practices to create a landing page

• Best practices to create a thank-you page

• Practical exercise – Creating a landing page

• Reviewing landing pages created by trainees

• What is A/B testing?

• How to do A/B testing

• Selecting landing pages after A/B testing

• Converting leads into sales

• Creating lead nurturing strategy

• Understanding lead funnel

• Steps in leads nurturing

11. Mobile Marketing

• Understanding Mobile Devices

• Mobile Marketing and Social Media

• Mobile Marketing Measurement and Analytics

• Fundamentals of mobile marketing

• Key industry terminology

• Creating mobile website through wordpress

• Using tools to create mobile websites

• Using tools to create mobile app

• Advertising on mobile (App & Web)

◦ Targeting ads on Apps

◦ Targeting ads via location

◦ Targeting ads on search engine

◦ Targeting ads on telecos data

• Content Marketing on mobile

• Mobile strategy-segmentations option targeting nd diffrentitation

• Mobile marketing mix

• SMS marketing

• Creating mobile application

• Uploading mobile app in andriod and iox

12. Creating Internet Marketing Strategies

• Introduction to content marketing

• Objective of content marketing

• How to write complelling content

• Understanding keyword Research for content

• Content Marketing Process

• 34 Unique Ways to write Magnetic Headlines

• Some Content Marketing Secrets – learning from experts

• Using Template to create content

• Overcoming content marketing roadblocks

• Optimizing content for search engines

• Promoting content to increase traffic, engagement & sales

• How to magnetize your content

• 5 example of top content marketing

13. Affiliate Marketing

• What is affiliate marketing?

• 3 A’s of affiliate marketing

• How people make millions of dollor in affiliate marketing ?

• Affiliate marketing history

• Changes in affiliate marketing industry over years

• Affiliate marketing scenario in India

• How to be super affiliate and make tons of money

• Different ways to do affiliate marketing

• Affiliate marketing secrets

• How your trainer makes money in affiliate marketing

• Live examples of how people are making money as an affiliate

• Getting you started as an affiliate but getting you approved as an affiliate from India’s top

affiliate agencies

• Some of the top affiliate network in the world

• How to get approved as an affiliate by world’s top affiliate company-commission junction

• Trainers shared his secrets of affiliate marketing

• Story telling trainer shows his live example of how he is making money these days as an


14. Making Money via Adsense and Blogging

• What is adsense?

• How to get approved for adsense?

• Cool trick to get adsense approval by Google

• Using your adsense account interface

• Placing ads on your blog

• Creating blogs with our Free software

• Then we will share one secret method through which you will make money with adsense

• You got to give us 300 hours and we will make sure that you make INR 150000 every month